“Could This 3.1 Step System Really Flood Your Business Organically
With 50 Reps In 33 Days… Or Less?!”


I know, I don’t have much time so let me cut right to the chase…


I’m sure you’re skeptical and you’re wondering, if I could show you how to add 50 reps every 33 days, what is it going to cost you and, “what’s the catch?”


The greatest validity for the offer I’m about to make, in my opinion, is that it’s ALL FREE. I’ve found, that if someone offers to help or show me something that works, if they truly believe that it actually works, they’ll do it for FREE to prove it…or at least with NO RISK for me.


If you’re like me, you’ve been pitched every magic tool, system, training and coaching program under the sun and…like me, you’re probably really sick and tired of these offers where all you get is a tidbit, a nibble and then…


…here comes the reach for your wallet. I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I decided to do something completely different and I’m sure you won’t believe it, but here goes;


I’m so confident in my ability to help you build your MLM, actually explode your business, I’m going to give you;


  • FREE 1,000 leads to do it and then I’m going to show you, LIVE, what to do with those leads to make it happen.


  • FREE Scripts That I Use Every Day To Add 42 Reps A Week Into My Businesses…With Those Same, Exact Leads


  • How To Use My 3.1 Step Recruiting System


  • FREE, LIVE Help To Make It Happen


Period. What you won’t find here is…


  • I WILL NOT charge you a penny.


  • I WILL NOT ‘pitch’ you after giving you just a few nibbles.


  • I WILL NOT waste your time.


Every other trainer in this business, companies and leaders think I’m absolutely crazy to do it, and they may be right. What not one of them will say is that it won’t work. They all agree the leads I’m going to give you DO WORK and what I will show you WILL WORK. They just get really angry that I’m doing it for FREE.


I guess I can’t blame them- it probably feels like I’m de-valuing their offers.


I’m not. A lot of them have great stuff they’ll offer to sell you. I’m just sick of it all though, honestly.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of my sob and victory stories. You can find my entire history over on the left, just click on ‘Black Sheep History.’ But, if you’re like me and you just want to get down to getting it done now, adding more reps into your downline in a month than you have ever done in a year, just give me a couple more minutes.


All I’m asking for in return, for giving you all this FREE stuff and help is that you fill the form out below, sign-up for my FREE, LIVE class and then…


…simply, actually come to class, LIVE and call my bluff.


Why Would I Do This…For FREE?


Bluntly, because I can afford to do so. I really am adding over 42 reps a week into my businesses, I really can prove it and I really can show you how to do the same thing. No, I’m NOT looking to recruit you.


I spent the first 20 years in this business trying to grow my downline but, my warm market was stone cold dead! I got my butt kicked and it ticked me off. Instead of quitting, I got back up and beat this business into submission and then…


…over the next 20 years, once I picked myself up and wiped the blood off my lip, I’ve gone on to generate over $80mil in this business, from absolute, bare bones scratch…even before the Internet, I generated over $1.4mil a year, right from my home.


I don’t expect that you’ll believe me. You’re probably just as grizzled and jaded as I am but, I really do want to help you, for real- so much so that I’ll take away every bit of the risk to prove it.


I’ll prove it for FREE…because, not only can I afford to, I honestly want to change the failure rate in this business. It might be a grandiose target and I might not make it happen but, for me, the end result would be worth it.


I love Network Marketing and if you do too but, you’re still struggling to make six figures, or even a good, solid residual side income…


…I hope you’ll bring your HUGE bag of skepticism, register below, and check out what I may be able to do to help.


That’s it. Sure, I’d love to ‘earn’ your business someday like every other business on the planet but, I believe ‘earning’ anyone’s business begins by doing something with ZERO expectations FIRST and by actually telling you the whole story, NOT by giving you a couple samples and tidbits and then expecting you to spend money for the rest of the story.


The catch you’ve probably been waiting for to get your FREE LEADS, FREE SCRIPTS AND FREE HELP is that I only have so many spots available. I’ll show you LIVE, personally, how you can add the same amount of reps in your business that I’m adding to mine, FREE, but…


…over 29,366 people have already taken advantage of this offer and my live telephone conference lines can only hold so many guests.


Don’t let your skepticism cost you any more reps than you’ve already lost by NOT finding out what almost 30,000 people already know.


My next class is coming THIS coming Wednesday at 5:30PM (PST) 


The best part is…you don’t even have to leave your home because the class is LIVE via a teleconference call.


In that FREE class, I’ll show you…


  • How to find the people who alreadywant to be in your business with YOU
  • MUCHbetter (and very effective) way to present your business in 25 minutes or less…and how to ‘DO’ that presentation so they actually WANT it
  • How to close the people who want to be in your business -quickly
  • The exact scripts and presentation templates that work every day
  • 1000 leads of people who are looking for a home-based business


…and it’s all 100% FREE.


PRIVACY: Your information will NOT be shared or sold to ANYONE!  Period.

We respect your email privacy

I won’t pitch ya like crazy. I won’t sell you my system or leads. I will show you what works and I’ll prove it at the same time. Why?

Cause I really do care…and without trying to tick ya off, I actually care even more for the person you might actually sign up into your business before you learn what really works. If you don’t sign-up for yourself, sign up for them.


I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll always tell you the truth.

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